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Scrovegni Chapel

The Scrovegni Chapel wai built in the early 1300s. It contais the most complete series of frescoes executed by Giotto, one of the most famous painter of 14th century.

The Scrovegni Chapel is open from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. all year round. We suggest to make the reservation until the day before the visit.

Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle is the largest square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The square is a large space with a green island at the center, called "Isola Memmia", surrounded by a small canal. The square is also bordered by two rings of statues.

University of Padua

University of Padua was founded in 1222 as branch of the University of Bologna. It's one of the oldest university in the world. From 1493 Bo palace is the headquarters of university. Moreover the palace host the Anathomical theatre of Padua.

It can be visited every day, except Sunday, from 07.30am to 8.00pm.

Botanical garden

The botanical garden of Padua, founded in 1545 for the cultivation of medicinal plants, is the oldest botanical garden in the world to have kept its original site. In 1997 it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

In the period October - March it can be visited from 9 to 17, while from April to September the opening hours are 9-19. Closed on Mondays.

Ragione Palace

Palazzo della Ragione is a medieval town hall. The building was completed in 1306.  The hall is decorated are  with allegorical frescoes. Very famous is the huge house situated in the center of the hall. The palace divides "Piazza delle Erbe" from "Piazza della Frutta". These two are important squares where usually take place open-air markets.

The Ragione Palace can be visited every day, except Mondays, from 09.00am to 6.30pm.

Basilica del Duomo e Battistero

The balisical cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was built in the 16th century by Andrea da Valle on a project by Michelangelo from 1551. Inside, the Sacristy of the Canons preserves precious works of art including a Madonna and child by Giusto de 'Menabuoi, two canvases by Giandomenico Tiepolo depicting San Filippo Neri and San Girolamo Emiliani and a Deposition by Jacopo da Montagnana. Instead the Baptistery, built in Romanesque style, dates back to the 11th century. Inside it preserves one of the most important frescoes of the fourteenth century, a masterpiece by Giusto de 'Menabuoi.

The Baptistery of the Duomo can be visited every day from 10.00am to 6.00pm.


Venice is reacheable in few minutes from Padua Central Railway Station. The train takes only 20 minutes!

Zuckermann Palace

Palazzo Zuckermann was built between 1912 and 1914 on commission from the cavalier Enrico Zuckermann, an important industrialist of that time.

The building houses the Museum of Applied Arts on the ground floor and the Bottacin Museum on the first floor. In addition, you can access the courtyard where the remains of the old city walls are preserved.

It can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 7.00pm.

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